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SEP-OCT 2013

For 25 years, Channel Partners has been a resource for indirect sales channels, such as agents, VARs and dealers, that provide network-based communications and computing services, associated CPE and applications, and managed and professional services

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> solUTIoNs <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< is complete. On the contrary, research shows that users require five impressions over 30 days to successfully change their habits. Engaging the users frequently via newsletters, contests and other promotional activities will help ensure the new solution is adopted successfully. Measure, monitor and adjust. Once the enterprise has rolled the service out, it must monitor usage to understand what is being used, by whom and how frequently, and, as or more importantly, what is not being used. Adding a quantified view of the user behavior will allow the IT team to make critical adjustments to the service. Perhaps a site has a problem with their local LAN and is unhappy with the new video experience; without taking a macro and quantified view of the new traffic pattern, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to ensure the user's expectations are being met. 5 Establish a collaboration steering committee. The age of user-driven IT has taken on two distinct flavors: f organizations that are seeing IT budgets subsumed by the marketing, HR or other functional teams who are purchasing their own IT-related solutions 6 f organizations that are successfully engaging the business to formally turn feedback into solutions that hit squarely on the end-users' requirements. Fostering a cross-functional, user-oriented steering committee is an excellent approach to engage the end users and ensuring that collaboration solutions evolves with their needs in mind. A collaboration steering committee should include key representatives from the business and IT teams and will be responsible for gathering feedback and requirements from the business. It also should include a forwardthinking element acting as a technical advisory board responsible for staying in touch with emerging trends and advancing solutions in the collaboration industry. BIll a.HaskINs is a senior analyst at Wainhouse Research with a strategic focus on unified communications products and services. @whaskins, @wr_tweets MaRk F. BEattIE is a senior analyst at Wainhouse Research where his area of expertise is hosted and managed collaboration services. @wr_tweets MORE INFO Download a copy of the full Wainhouse Research report, "Channel Road Map for Success in Collaboration Services," sponsored by ACT Conferencing from the White Papers section of the Channel Partners Resource Center at

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