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For 25 years, Channel Partners has been a resource for indirect sales channels, such as agents, VARs and dealers, that provide network-based communications and computing services, associated CPE and applications, and managed and professional services

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> people <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Q&A WITH CiscoÕs Cloud Evangelist elleN BeRlaN "how do we expand that whole ecosystem of partners and help them develop a N etworking giant Cisco Systems has long been focused on enabling the cloud, but decided to step up its efforts to help its partners to deliver public cloud solutions. To that end, it tapped Ellen Berlan for a new role as Cloud Director — Americas. Along with her counterparts in Asia-Pacific and EMEA, Berlan is focused on accelerating public cloud opportunities for Cisco and its partners in the commercial market. That means looking beyond its growing base of services providers to also enabling an ecosystem of distribution, resale, integrator and ISV partners. Berlan will deliver a keynote address on "Unleashing the Ecosystem Effect: The Channel's Opportunity in the Cloud" at Cloud Partners, a Channel Partners event, Sept. 11-13, in Chicago. Channel Partners interviewed Berlan to get a preview of her remarks. cohesive value prop around building out a cloud solution?" ? WHAT ARE YOuR GOALS IN YOuR NEW ROLE? We want to accelerate existing [partners] and develop the next generation of cloud and managed services partners. We have an existing group of partners today that are selling cloud solutions. We want to look at how to build out that ecosystem. If you think about the XaaS partners today, predominantly they are service providers. As we go into our fiscal year, we want to think about how do we grow the reseller base, how do we grow distribution, how do we grow integrators, how do we expand that whole ecosystem of partners and help them develop a cohesive value prop around building out a cloud solution? So, [that means] helping them think about the profitability piece, the operational excellence component, building out the demand gen, building out services, creating SLAs around these services. So, it's a whole plethora of components that comprise this whole acceleration around cloud. ? WHERE ARE THE CHANNEL'S OPPORTuNITIES IN THE CLOuD? It varies by partner type. Candidly that's what's so interesting about the cloud — there is no set pattern. When we first came out with our [partner] program it was cut and dried: providers, builders and resellers. Now you've got providers that are resellers, providers that are builders. You've got white-label partners that could be providers or resellers. 10 ChaNNel paRTNeRs SEPt/OCt 2013 AT ITS RECENT PARTNER SuMMIT, CISCO CHANNEL ExECuTIVES PROMOTED THE CONCEPT OF THE CLOuD ECOSYSTEM EFFECT. CAN YOu ExPLAIN WHAT THAT MEANS? ? If you think about the ecosystem partners, it's no longer clear-cut provider, builder, reseller. Now you have partners that are acting in many different ways. You've got resellers that are acting like providers. You've got resellers that are acting as distributors. You have resellers that are white-labeling solutions. It's all very intertwined and complex as far as the partner landscape and how it's building out. ? HOW ARE YOu ENABLING THE CLOuD ECOSYSTEM? So, we have, as you know, the Cloud Connections event, which we have used extensively for providers to connect with resellers and resellers to connect with providers. We are in the process of building an external site where end users and partners can log in and see what partners are out there and what services they have and how they can partner with that provider or reseller. ? HOW ARE YOu BRINGING ISVS INTO THE ECOSYSTEM? Within the past year, the company has funded a specific initiative to go after expanding [relationships with] ISVs. It's from a few different angles. So, one is how do we sell them infrastructure? … The angle that my team is focused on is really … how do we start marrying some of these ISVs — whether it's by vertical or market segment — [with Cisco-powered providers and resellers] and driving that value out to the end users? MORE INFO Hear more from CiscoÕs Cloud Evangelist Ellen Berlan in her keynote address on ÒUnleashing the Ecosystem Effect: The ChannelÕs Opportunity in the CloudÓ at Cloud Partners, a Channel Partners event, Sept. 11-13, in Chicago.

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