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I n survey after survey, when asked about inhibitors to cloud use, security and privacy dwarf concerns over performance, WAN cost, lock-in, integration, maturity of the model and pretty much everything else. Lately, I've spent time speaking with part- ners and end customers about why that is and heard statements like, "All my data is comingled with everyone else's!" and "I don't want other people accessing my data!" and "Cloud services are public, I want my servers private!" My answer: Not so fast. A lot has changed in the past few years, so let's set the record straight: For the majority of small and midsize businesses, the cloud is a much safer place to store data than on-prem- ises servers. That's right, a security expert is saying that a move to the cloud actually enhances security. Now, don't run off with a copy of this article yelling, "See, I told you so!" just yet, because there are caveats. Partners have work to do in evaluating when a cloud implementation is secure and when it is not and explaining the customer's responsibilities, as we'll discuss. But overall, good security practices are in CSPs' best interests. Just like a banking system, cloud is predicated on trust, and no provider can afford for customers to lose confidence. And so, as with banks, larger cloud providers invest heavily in the latest security technologies and the experts to run them. I've performed hundreds of secu - rity audits, and big CSPs consistently outperform even the largest enterprises in the world when it comes to implementing security consistently and thoroughly. Not all cloud providers, especially smaller ones, do security equally as well, however. If you're considering rolling your own cloud, whether for infrastructure, disaster recovery, VDI or what have you, I strongly advise you to ensure that security is up to par by commissioning external audits. If you're building a service on top of a public IaaS provider such as AWS, Azure or SoftLayer, take steps to ensure that your security starts where its controls leave off. As a partner, before you recommend a boutique cloud provider, look long and hard at its investments in security products, processes and especially exper- tise. Do they compare with a comparable service from a large CSP? WHITE HATS MAKE LOTS OF GREEN Teams of talented and highly skilled security pros protect the big cloud networks, and therefore your customers' data, 24/7/365. What's that cost? More than a typical business can afford. $ $ $233,333 $225,000 $198,909 $175,000 $165,000 Data: LEAD SOFTWARE SECURITY ENGINEER CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER SECURITY CONSULTANT CYBERSECURITY LEAD APPLICATION SECURITY MANAGER AVERAGE ANNUAL SALARY, CHANNELPARTNERSONLINE.COM 17

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