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COVER STORY skewing the average in women's favor. It is more likely that men younger than 40 earn more than women in this subset. About that "whole picture": There are more than double the number of men than women in the sample. *Gender-based salaries are based on n=151 for men and n=69 for women. The distribution of salaries also shows a greater percentage of men 40 or older at the very high end of the pay spectrum compared with female counterparts. There is more equal align- ment in the middle, $61,000 to $150,000, but then a sharp decrease in the percentage of men in the lowest pay range. 40% ARE CURRENTLY JOB HUNTING OR EXPECT TO WITHIN SIX MONTHS. LOOKING FOR GREENER JOB PASTURES: IT'S ME, NOT YOU BY LYNN HABER By all accounts, you'd expect someone in a well-paying, secure and satisfying job to enjoy the ride, right? Not quite. It seems that a lot of channel types — about 40% of survey respondents — are currently job hunting or expect to within the next six months. Their number one reason: money, and more of it. Of those on the prowl for a new job, 47 earned paychecks in 2015 of about $94,000 or more, while those with plans to begin a job search within the next six months, 47 made $109,273. The 60%, or 136 individuals, not seeking new employ- ment earned $142,952 on average. At the same time, about one-third of those seeking new jobs or plan- ning to shortly are satisfied with their compensation packages, about 40% feel valued in their current jobs and about 50% feel respected. Go figure. We asked about primary revenue generators and sliced the data to see whether particular sectors will see more employee churn this year. Telephone provisioning/management has the most committed employees; 30% say they're staying put. Only two other company types, one defined by primary revenue driven by unified communications provisioning/ management and another by help desk telephony and/or IT support, got low double-digit responses, indicating that employees are committed to staying in their jobs for the foreseeable future. Maybe not surprisingly, those in the pubic or hybrid cloud computing business are most likely to see departures. Cloud expertise is a hot commodity, and getting hotter. Keep an eye on your C-suite execu- tives, too, because 25% are actively looking for new positions, with an additional 20% or so hot on their heels. About 35% of respondents in sales staff jobs are also looking or will be within six months. Salaries weren't too shabby for either of these groups: 43% of C-level/VP types earned $200,000 or more in 2015, while 78% of those sales pros are breaking $60,000. So why are so many respon- dents ready to switch jobs? Some are seeking greater job stability, more interesting work, better work/life balance, want to live elsewhere … you get the picture. At some point we all get the twinge and wonder, "What if?" Sure, that wanderlust could be tempered by factors like inertia, or the feeling that the risk of jumping outweighs the benefits. But in today's hot IT job market, potential rewards just may outweigh the fear — which is why there are a lot of well-paid, content IT channel professionals looking for new jobs. A bit more insight into the discon- tented: 78% of Midwesterners want to earn fatter paychecks; that's their No. 1 reason to job hunt. Women on the hunt outnumber men, 67% versus 58%, and older and younger workers are more likely to be seeking higher wages than 36 to 51 year olds — 65%, 60% and 52%, respectively. >$150K $101-150K $61-$100K $0-$60K 29.6% 21.4% 29.6% 28.6% 30.6% 26.2% 10.2% 23.8% % of Men 40 or Older Pay Range % of Women 40 or Older Men Women $96,378 $150,096 $65,000 $110,000 $77,780 $107,492 $55,000 $95,000 <40 Average Salary 40+ Average Salary <40 Median Salary 40+ Median Salary CHANNELPARTNERSONLINE.COM 15 Data: Channel Partners and 451 Research Data: Channel Partners and 451 Research

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