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For 25 years, Channel Partners has been a resource for indirect sales channels, such as agents, VARs and dealers, that provide network-based communications and computing services, associated CPE and applications, and managed and professional services

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COLUMN BY ART WITTMANN "Digital business transformation." If you haven't heard the phrase much, get ready, because it's what Gartner, IDG, Forrester, the press, vendors, and consultants of all shapes and sizes will be talking about for the next couple of years. DBT will displace bimodal IT and join cloudification, IoT, Agile and DevOps as a red-hot buzz term, right up there with software-defined everything. The Newsource for UC, UCaaS, Mobility and Collaboration Visit Subscribe DIGITAL BUSINESS Is Big Business More importantly, it's going to be pivotal for those who sell and manage channel tech services. I'm normally pretty curmudgeonly about tech industry terms du jour, particularly ones that use words like "transformation." Transformation implies big changes. Big like caterpillar into butterfly — that's a transformation. Me dropping five pounds, getting a haircut and a new suit — that's not. So when you talk about business transformation, the results had better be darn impressive. Honestly, I was skeptical about DBT — until I saw one definition. Most explanations for DBT use words like "universal," "holistic," "all-encompassing" and "profound." Here's a sentence from one particularly bad description: "The development of new competencies revolves around the capacities to be more agile, people-oriented, innovative, connected, aligned and efficient with present and future shifts in mind." Seriously? Insert eye roll here. You had me at competencies. The definition that resonates with me came from a Cisco slide deck that talked about digital transformations in the oil and gas industry, and I don't think the author meant it to be a universal definition. But it is. It says that digital transformation in oil and gas means: CHANNELPARTNERSONLINE.COM 29

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